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Using the Filter Box

The box in the upper right of the tracker screen is an important tool for seeing subsets of data.


  • Type the name of a company, such as Uniper
  • Type a status category of project, such as Operating
  • Type a kind of project, such as Pipeline
  • Type a country, such as Germany

What Projects are Included?

The Europe Gas Tracker provides information on four aspects of fossil gas development in Europe:

  • Gas-fired power plants 20 MW and above
  • Major gas transmission lines (not local distribution lines)
  • Liquified natural gas (LNG) terminals
  • Major gas extraction sites

Status Categories

For each project, one of the following status categories is assigned:

  • Proposed: This includes projects that have appeared in corporate or government plans but not entered the permitting process and also projects that are in permitting or have received permits.
  • Construction: Projects are considered to be under construction if major development is underway (i.e. steel and concrete), not just preliminary site preparing. Shelved: In the absence of an announcement that the sponsor is putting its plans on hold, a project is considered “shelved” if there are no reports of activity over a period of two years.
  • Canceled: In some cases a sponsor announces that it has cancelled a project. More often a project fails to advance and then quietly disappears from company documents. A project that was previously in an active category is moved to “Cancelled” if it disappears from company documents, even if no announcement is made. In the absence of a cancellation announcement, a project is considered cancelled if there are no reports of activity over a period of four years.
  • Operating: The project has been formally commissioned or has entered commercial operation.
  • Mothballed: Units that have been deactivated or put into an inactive state but not retired.
  • Retired: Units that have been permanently decommissioned or converted to another fuel.


Global Energy Monitor’s Europe Gas Tracker uses a two-level system for organizing information. Summary information is maintained as a database tracking individual projects. A wiki page is then created for each project within The data is updated periodically.


To allow easy public access to the results, Global Energy Monitor worked with GreenInfo Network to develop a map-based and table-based interface using the Leaflet Open-Source JavaScript library.