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The Global Oil and Gas Extraction Tracker (GOGET) provides data on oil and gas resources worldwide. GOGET includes information on discovered, in-development, and operating oil and gas units, including conventional and unconventional assets. Further detail for each unit is available in a linked to wiki page on Global Energy Monitor's wiki platform (



Q: What do the colored dots mean?

A: The colors indicate status:

  • Discovered: A field is typically considered to be discovered when there has been a well drilled into a particular formation, and it yielded some significant quantity of oil and/or gas. Discovered fields are not necessarily economic to exploit.
  • In Development: Following discovery, the unit is in the process of moving toward commercial production.
  • Operating: The unit has commercial production of oil/gas (that is, quantities that are being sold to market).
  • Abandoned: Operations have ceased, but the unit has not been decommissioned following all the usual steps, such as plugging the wells (including filling the wells with cement).

Q: What do the numbers in the circles mean?

A: The numbers tell the number of oil/gas units at each location (for example, a unit can be a single field, or a “complex” of fields that are managed together). To find information on each unit, click on the numbered circle, which will expand to show many colored dots; then click on one of the colored dots.


Q: Can I see a list of the units?

A: Yes, click on “Table” in the top left corner of the map.


Q: What are your inclusion criteria?

A: For jurisdictions that had comprehensive government data, we filtered the data to retain the largest units that account for 95% of total production. When government data was available at a national level, we applied this threshold nationally, and when government data was available at a state/province level, we applied the threshold at that level.

For countries that did not have comprehensive data, we applied a threshold to only include units that have production of 1 million boe/yr or more and/or reserves of 25 million boe or more.

Improving the Tracker

Q: What if I find an error or a missing project?

A: Please send information on errors or omissions to Julie Joly (julie.joly AT


Q: Who built this tool?

A: The tracker was designed and produced by Global Energy Monitor. To the extent possible, the information in the tracker has been verified by researchers and activists familiar with particular countries.

Q: How do I cite the data?

A: Please cite the data as Global Energy Monitor’s Global Oil and Gas Extraction Tracker, with either the date of the database release or the date that the map data was accessed.