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The Global Wind Power Tracker (GWPT) is a worldwide dataset of utility-scale wind facilities. It includes wind farm phases with capacities of 10 megawatts (MW) or more. A wind project phase is generally defined as a group of one or more wind turbines that are installed under one permit, one power purchase agreement, and typically come online at the same time. The GWPT catalogs every wind farm phase at this capacity threshold of any status, including operating, announced, under development, under construction, shelved, cancelled, mothballed, or retired. Each wind farm included in the tracker is linked to a wiki page on the GEM wiki.

GWPT’s May 2022 release is used for this map, as well as the accompanying files for project-level data and summary tables.

What projects are Included?

The Global Wind Power Tracker provides information on wind farm phases 10 MW and above.


The tracker organizes information in both a map and table format. Projects can be filtered in the following ways:

  • Status Category: To select one or more status categories, click one or more checkboxes, such as “Operating” and/or “Construction.”
  • Installation Type: To select one or more types of facilities, click one or more checkboxes such as “Onshore.”
  • Country: To find a particular country’s facilities, type the name of the country in the “Filter the map” box. For example, type India.
  • Country Zoom: To zoom the map to a particular country, click directly on that country in the global map view.


The tracker was designed and produced by Global Energy Monitor, a network of researchers seeking to develop collaborative informational resources on fossil fuel impacts and alternatives. To the extent possible, the information in the tracker has been verified by activists and researchers familiar with particular countries.

Please cite the data as Global Energy Monitor, Global Wind Power Tracker, with the date you accessed the data.